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Dog Day Sunday: All About Sammy

Since my little mutt is about to turn 10 this month, the Dog Day Sunday I figured I’d talk all about my marvelous bird hunter and nap taker extraordinaire!


The day that we got Sammy was just a regular January day. I was about to be 12 years old in March and my brother was 10. All my brother did at this time was beg my folks for a dog. A dog was all he wanted when he was little, but my father always protested it, citing allergies.

The day we brought her home was super average. My brother and I were both homeschooled at the time and we had finished our work. My mom had left, saying that my dad needed something, and so my brother and I put on Good Boy (which was his favorite movie since it was all about a boy who saved up money to get a dog, which happened to be from outer space). It was ironic because the opening of the film featured a song all about how the singer wish they could have a puppy and I remember my brother turning and saying to me. “Yeah, Cork, I really want a puppy.”

We didn’t even finish the movie because I had gotten a text from my mom saying that she needed Chris outside. I paused the movie, told him to go, and I waited. I waited a while before finally trekking downstairs to see my brother in the garage crying on the floor while Mom was holding a small dog in a Tootsie Roll blanket.


Later that evening, it was explained that my dad’s business partner saw our little babe on the side of the road just walking around. He pulled over and opened his door, asking her where she was going and she immediately hopped into the car. He had gone through two other people that couldn’t take her and we were her last hope.

Honestly, who could say no to that face?

Now she used to be super timid. When we would walk her outside, we had to be on the sidewalk because the cars scared her. Now she’s a mouthy brat. If you ring the doorbell, or be anywhere near her, she’ll bark her head off.

Her name was mostly my idea, but my brother said it so they liked it more from his mouth than mine. I had three names I liked, all Nickelodeon related: E.T., Porkchop, and Sam.

E.T. was due in part to my obsession with The Naked Brothers Band, and her name would have been short for Elizabeth Taylor (Thanks Mom and Dad for rejecting this idea!). Porkchop not only came from Doug, but the fact that at dinner that night, she had jumped up and tried to eat porkchop off the table. That got rejected too. I could tell that she had a love of meat, which reminded me a lot of Sam from iCarly, so that became the winning name.

Now y’all are probably looking at her and wondering “what breed is that?” Sam is a German Shepard/Chihuahua mix. Really.

The vet said that was likely her mix since he has never got much bigger (like a Shepard would), and she had big Chihuahua ears. It’s also how we found out that she was around 3 months old when we got her, making her birthday in October!

Flashforward 10 years later and she loves to nap (she’s napping and snoring right now as I’m tying this). She has little quirks to her – like how some toys she tears the eyes off and pulls out their stuffing, but others she’s delicate with. If you squeak her toy too hard, she gets visibly upset. She also really loves carrots (which are great for dogs).


Sam is also an expert bird hunter!

A few years ago we had a pool in our backyard that had handrails. My mother and I noticed there was a pigeon sitting on one who would not move for anything. Sam was freaking out about the bird and wouldn’t get in the pool to get it (she hates water and baths!). My mom was worried it was laying an egg or something so she called my father and we waited.

While my mom was filming the scene, she noticed that there were feathers around the pathway from our patio area to the pool, and everything pieced together. When my father finally got home, he had to use a pool cleaner to get it off the rail. It immediately tried to fly and my dog went nuts trying to get it. She had broke its wing and was torturing it.

I love Sam.

She’s such an integral part of our family now that it’s hard to think of life before her. She’s a blessing and I consider her my little sister.


Have a story about your own loveable pooch? Send your photos and stories to and we’ll future your dog during Dog Day Sunday AND enter you to win a pet edition of Loot Crate!

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Dog Day Sunday: The Importance of Keeping your Animal Safe.


We try to keep thinks light heartened and fun on dog day Sunday, but this week I had a close friend of mine lose his dog to an accident in a matter of seconds.

You never realize how important your dog is to you till they’re gone.  The below story may seam like a one in a million chance, but life is a service of chances and events that make up our lives.

A long time friend of mine named Ryan posted a picture on Thursday with his brand new puppy named Stevie.  He was literally the cutest little French Bull Dog I had ever seen.  Who am I kidding… French Bull dogs are all adorable and I think everyone should have one.  Well, that is if you want one.

The original picture was followed by many more adorable ones, but twenty four hours later my friend had to make what was surely an extremely difficult post.

Stevie had broken his neck.

He had gotten on top of a box and fallen. Ryan had heard a yelp and went running, but it was already too late.

Stevie was gone and even the vet said nothing could have been done.  Even I, who had never meet him, was brought to tears by the event and my heart goes out to Ryan and his family in their time of sadness.

Trying to keep anyone safe – animals and humans alike – is a very hard job and takes super vigilance in doing so.  So remember to always keep the people, animals and anything you hold dear close to your heart as you never know how long your time together will be.

Ryan and Ashley, I hope things get easier for you over the following months,  and Im here is you ever need an ear.



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Dog Day Sunday: 10 Dogs Who are Ready for Sunday Football

Let’s be honest: your dog doesn’t give a single woof about Sunday Night Football.

While you’re munching down on chicken wings and carefully eyeing the performance of your draft picks, your pup is just hoping for some scraps and a chance to play with that good ol’ pig skin.

Still, it’s incredibly fun to dress our pets up and pretend they care!

Check out 10 pups who look ready for Sunday Night Football, and don’t forget to send your own photos and stories to! We’ll feature your dog(s) on our next Dog Day Sunday and enter you to win a Loot Crate Pets!

Go Chiefs, beat Houston!!!

A photo posted by Gigi ? (@gigi_the_frenchbulldog) on

Scout’s game face is on! Ready for his first NFL Sunday. #patriotspuppy @patriots

A photo posted by numba4kimlepore (@numba4kimlepore) on

Good game, guys! #patriotspuppy

A photo posted by Rachel Mangone (@cyborgslayer) on


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Dog Day Sunday: 3 Paw-some Sites to LIKE on Social Media

Truth: 90% of my time on the interwebz is spent laughing at dog memes, gushing over stories about animals, or catching up on what my favorite animal-rights groups are sharing on social media. As such, this week I decided to share 3 paw-some (ha) sites you should follow/like/cyber-stalk online. (Fittingly, I am typing this article on my computer while my pup Shadow cuddles in my lap and looks on!)

Friends of Mayhem

11210459_638660439597645_4667563007324650499_nWho they are: Named after founder Devanny Novak’s sweet dog, Friends of Mayhem describes themselves as  “a Las Vegas non-profit that specializes in helping all kinds of animals through donations, political action or just plain ear scratches!”

Why you should “like” them: Friends of Mayhem spotlights animals with special needs, and campaigns fun and creative ways to help the furballs! For example, earlier this year we covered their very special Benefit for Yoshi, in which they sold shirts that said “Get Your F*cking Dog Fixed.” All the proceeds went toward providing medical care for a dog named Yoshi and other animals at PAWsibilities are Endless. They are positive and upbeat, while still providing valuable and useful information to the community!

Where to find them:

Noah’s Animal House

noahs1Who they are: Time to get serious: Animal Legal Defense Fund reports that abusers of animals are five times as likely to harm humans, and that nearly half of the victims who stay in violent households do so because they are afraid for their pets. Luckily, Noah’s Animal House in Las Vegas, Nevada (and soon Reno, Nevada, too!) “is a pet sanctuary for shelter residents that allow women to escape abusive situations without leaving behind their pet.” I’ve volunteered with NAH since 2012 and have had the privilege of meeting many of the women and their dogs (and cats and hamsters and birds) who have called Noah’s Animal House home!

Why you should “like” them: Noah’s Animal House spotlights the inspirational success stories of the brave women and their loyal pets who have been given a second chance thanks to their services, provides a central place to post requests for supplies and volunteer opportunities (HAAALP! They’re currently in need of a new gas dryer!), and shares great links to animal stories across the world!

Where to find them:

Susie’s Senior Dogs

 1510593_295149333975043_1577678859_nWho they are: Susie’s Senior Dogs is a 501(c)3 organization who says it’s their goal to bring “awareness to overlooked, homeless senior dogs and the benefits to adopting an older pet.” Recently they were covered in the hugely popular photography/interview project Humans of New York, which allowed them to get massive exposure and spread their message to a huge animal-loving audience!

Why you should “like” them: Susie’s Senior Dogs works with animal rescue groups all over the United States to spotlight pups who are looking for their fur-ever home! (Literally every dog is a pup to me, even if they are over 7 or in the double digits!) Beautiful photographs paired with descriptions that read like love letters make me want to adopt every dog I see on their page! Even if you’re not planning on expanding your fur family, it’s rewarding to follow the dogs’ stories, from their initial posts to their final adoptions and happily ever afters.

Where to find them:

Honorable Mention: I urge you to Google your local American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals group online to learn about dogs in your area who need help and support!

Want your dog featured on Dog Day Sunday? Send your stories and photos to and you’ll be entered to win a Loot Crate Pet Edition!

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Dog Day Sunday: Dog Pokemon!

In honor of the continued success of Pokemon Go, this Dog Day Sunday we have decided to feature all of the dog-type Pokemon! Because digital animals are totally more interesting than real-life animals.

Though the original 151 features only two dog-type Pokemon (Arcanine and Growlith), subsequent generations of the Pokemon game and television series have given birth to a plethora of new adorable (and kind of scary) dog-type Pokemon.

Here’s the full list of dog-type Pokemon:


Species: Legendary
Type: Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire, Intimidate
Weakness: Ground, Rock, Water
Height (ft): 6′ 3″
Arcanine will always be the alpha male of the dog Pokemon. It doesn’t get much better than this, folks… trust us.


Species: Lightning
Type: Electric
Abilities: Lightning Rod, Static
Weakness: Ground
It’s as if the creator of this Pokemon just said “fuck it.”


Species: Poodle
Type: Normal
Abilities: Fur Coat
Weakness: Fighting
Height (ft): 3′ 11″

 Its ability is fur coat. Really?


Species: Puppy
Type: Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire, Intimidate
Weakness: Ground, Rock, Water
Height (ft): 2′ 4″
The O.G. dog Pokemon.


Species: Fairy
Type: Fairy
Abilities: Quick Feet, Intimidate
Weakness: Steel, Poison
Height (ft): 4′ 7″
Is this a dog Pokemon or Space Jam villain? The world may never know.


Species: Loyal Dog
Type: Normal
Abilities: Sand Rush, Intimidate
Weakness: Fighting
I can’t see this adorable pup intimidating anyone anytime soon.


Species: Dark
Type: Dark, Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire, Early Bird
Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
You wouldn’t want to meet this hell hound in a dark alley, that’s for sure.


Species: Dark
Type: Dark, Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire, Early Bird
Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Rock, Water
Height (ft): 4′ 7″
…or this one. Yeah, definitely this one.


Species: Aura
Type: Fighting, Steel
Abilities: Inner Focus, Steadfast
Weakness: Fighting, Ground, Fire
Anubis? Is that you?


Species: Puppy
Type: Normal
Abilities: Pickup, Vital Spirit
Weakness: Fighting
Height (ft): 1′ 4″
Bunny? Dog? Deformed stuffed animal? This Pokemon doesn’t know what the hell it is.


Species: Discharge
Type: Electric
Abilities: Lightning Rod, Static
Weakness: Ground
A shocking combination of fur and fury. What? Too lame? Okay… :(


Species: Bite
Type: Dark
Abilities: Quick Feet, Intimidate
Weakness: Fighting, Bug, Fairy
Height (ft): 3′ 3″
No bark, all bite.


Species: Bite
Type: Dark
Abilities: Run Away, Quick Feet
Weakness: Fighting, Bug, Fairy
Height (ft): 1′ 8″
We’re willing to face certain death for the chance to snuggle with this adorable dark Pokemon.


Species: Emanation
Type: Fighting
Abilities: Inner Focus, Steadfast
Weakness: Psychic, Flying, Fairy
Height (ft): 2′ 4″
This pokemon has two sets of ears! We think…


Species: Painter
Type: Normal
Abilities: Technician, Own Tempo
Weakness: Fighting
Height (ft): 3′ 11″
I’m not saying this Pokemon is useless, but this Pokemon is definitely useless.


Species: Fairy
Type: Fairy
Abilities: Run Away, Intimidate
Weakness: Steel, Poison
Will someone please explain to us wtf this even is?


Species: Big-Hearted
Type: Normal
Abilities: Sand Rush, Intimidate
Weakness: Fighting
Height (ft): 3′ 11
Special attack: leaving fur on its enemies black pants before they leave for work.

Which dog Pokemon is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Want your dog featured on Dog Day Sunday?

Send your stories and photos to and you’ll be entered to win a Loot Crate Pet Edition!



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Dog Day Sunday: Our Favorite Dog Memes!

You can’t open a newspaper tab to a news site without reading about a global catastrophe or a terrible act of violence. You might as well stay off social media, too, lest you be bombarded with drama ranging from simple, sad laments about it nearly being Monday, to posts that will make you want to tearfully cancel your Internet subscription entirely.

There are few things that make me forget everything awful in the world and put a legitimate smile on my face, but one of those things is looking at dog memes with my pups Daisy and Shadow!

For those of you who have been living in a cave without wifi, this is the definition of a meme:


For those of you who have been living in a cave on Jupiter, this is the definition of a dog (take special note of the informal meaning that I definitely did not make up):


While there have been many adorable furballs who have found internet fame via dog memes (such as those mentioned by BarkPost in their feature 11 Essential Dog Memes You Absolutely Need to Know) I thought I’d share a few lesser-known doggies who always make me chuckle, even after a “ruff” day!

(Note: GeekGirl World did not create any of these memes – we’re just trying to spread the e-smiles by sharing these cute canines that we found on the interwebz!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Which dog meme is your favorite, GeekGirl World? Share in the comments section!

Want a chance to win last month’s LootPet‘s box and have your pup featured on Dog Day Sunday? Enter to win by sending your pet photos and stories to!

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Dog Day Sunday: Stray Dog Joins Human for 77 Mile Race!

Just as the wand chooses the wizard, sometimes man’s best friend chooses his family.

This is the lesson that an extreme marathon runner recently learned while embarking on a 155 mile race in China’s Gobi desert.

Scotland native Dion Leonard was taking part in the annual 4 Deserts Race Series in March when a stray dog suddenly decided to join him on his journey through the Tian Shian mountain range. The tiny female followed Leonard for a whopping 77 miles, completing 4 out of the 6 stages of the competition with him.

“I didn’t speak much to her that day thinking she wouldn’t stay with me, but at the finish line she followed me into the tent and we slept next to each other,” Leonard told The Independent. “That was it then.”

Leonard researched what it would take to bring his new best friend (who he apty named Gobi) home to Scotland with him, only to be met with massive sticker shock.

“Getting Gobi to the UK is a long process, one that will take up to 4 months and see her medically checked, quarantined and fingers crossed cleared for entry. All this comes at a cost close to a whopping £5000,” Leonard explained on his Crowdfunder page. “We are committed to making this work, I am selling some of my whisky collection (I work for) and we are hopeful this will raise some funds to help make these costs more manageable.”

Leonard won’t have to worry about selling that Whiskey collection, as his Crowdfunder campaign easily surpassed its £5000 goal, and is, as of this writing, only a few hundred Pounds short of the £17,000 marker.

For those of you who aren’t up to date with the current conversion rates, that’s over $22,000!

Gobi is currently safe and is staying with one of Leonard’s friends in China until the quarantine process can officially began. He hopes to be reunited with his best friend by Christmas.

Leonard released an update to his and Gobi’s love story earlier today on YouTube:


Once Gobi is (hopefully!) reunited with her human, Leonard plans on donating the remaining sum of money to an animal shelter or rescue facility.

Follow Gobi & Leonard on Facebook to get up-to-date news about Gobi’s journey to her forever home!

Want to see your own dog featured on Dog Day Sunday? Send your photos and stories to and be entered to win a Pet edition of Loot Crate!

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Dog Day Sunday: 5 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt

It’s Dog Day Sunday and National Mutt Day!

National Mutt Day (also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day), was established in 2005 by Colleen Paige, a celebrity pet & family lifestyle expert and animal welfare advocate. The day is celebrated on July 31 as well as December 2 (bonus!) as part of an effort to raise public awareness about the surplus of mixed-breed dogs in shelters across the country, many of whom will sadly be euthanized due to over crowding.

But there is hope yet for these unwanted, lovable mutts…

Adoption is an excellent way to give a dog a new leash on life, and if the cool stylings of Sarah Mclachlan (as seen above) doesn’t convince you otherwise, maybe these five reasons will:

1. You’ll be saving a life

According to the ASPCA, only 35% of shelter dogs are adopted, and another 31% are destined to be euthanized. To put that in raw numbers, an average of 1.2 million shelter dogs are euthanized each year.

So by choosing to adopt, rather than shop, you get a new best friend and save the life of a helpless dog.

2. You’ll help put puppy mills out of business

See that cute, fluffy little puppy in the local pet store window? He was most likely born in a puppy mill.

A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding facility where dogs are treated like products, not best friends.

These facilities are often crowded, and it’s not uncommon to see dogs and puppies stacked on top of one another like warehouse products. Puppy mill facilities are often extremely unsanitary, with no proper vet care, food, water, or basic socialization available to the dogs who call the factory “home.”

Female dogs are bred as soon as they are mature enough to (and sometimes earlier) and are given little-to-no recovery time between litters. Puppies are ripped from their mothers prematurely and are sold to consumers in pet shops and online marketplaces.

As a result of these shady and unsanitary breeding tactics, puppies born in mills are prone to congenital and hereditary conditions, such as heart disease and blood and respiratory disorders. 

There are two ways to put puppy mills out of business once and for all: purchase a puppy from a certified breeder or adopt.

3. Purebred dogs are plagued with genetic disorders

On the outside, purebred dogs are the perfect choice for dog shows and keeping up with the Jones’ in uppity social circles, but on the inside, they are genetically inbred monsters.

“I’m willing to go on record and say that I generally observe at least one genetic disease in nine out of 10 purebred patients during their first examination with me,” says Dr. Patty Khuly VMD in an op-ed piece for Vetstreet.

“We can chalk a lot of this up to line breeding, the failure to adequately test parents for genetic diseases and the trend among show breeders toward increasingly exaggerated features. Case in point: The English Bulldog of the 1930s bears little resemblance to the flat-faced modern varietal.”

So how can you help ensure that your best friend is free of any major health issues? Truthfully, nothing.

But Dr. Patty does have one big suggestion for would-be dog owners that might help: adopt.

“I know it’s not a popular position to advocate against purebred ownership, but when you consider the genetic disease and animal welfare problems it raises, it makes sense for me to urge my clients to consider mixed breed dogs.”

4. Adoption will save you a fortune

Depending on the dog’s breed and pedigree, purchasing your new best friend from a breeder can cost you thousands of dollars.

Adoption, on the other hand, is extremely inexpensive and sometimes even totally free!

Adopting a dog from a shelter requires only a big heart and a small adoption fee, the latter which helps to support and maintain the shelter’s facilities.

5. You’ll unwittingly become an activist for the cause

Mutts are as unique as snowflakes, and because of this, people will never stop asking you what kind of dog you have.

This provides you with the perfect opportunity to explain to your peers and random admiring strangers the benefits of owning a mutt, and how adopting one helps save the life of an animal in need.

By sharing your story and message, you might just save yet another life.

Find your local shelter or rescue center here!

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Dog Day Sunday: Futuristic Pets

July’s Loot Pets theme was “Futuristic”. Two of the futuristic pets showcased were dogs “Astro”, from The Jetsons, and “Snowball” from Rick and Morty. It should come as no surprise that man’s best friend would be featured in any futuristic setting. So, I have compiled a slide show of some memorable futuristic dogs below. What have been some of your favorite futuristic pets? doesn’t have to be just dogs but can be any kind of pet. Let us know in the comments below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, you can take a look at the unboxing of this month’s Loot Pets with Percy and I. We are giving away this futuristic themed Loot Pets crate to one lucky person. All you have to do is submit your photos and stories of your fur babies to Webmaster at GeekGirlWorld dot com. We will chose a winner from those submissions. If you would like to subscribe to Loot Pets, you can using this link:


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Dog Day Sunday: The Rainbow Bridge

This week I had to say goodbye to someone who was a huge part of my life for the last decade and a half. She provided comfort and a shoulder to cry on when I fought with my siblings, and watched YouTube videos with me after a long day (she loved the ones of puppies barking). She enjoyed going on long drives and adventures, and was always gracious and poised— even when she was caught chewing up a pair of my Chucks. I had to say goodbye to Little Woman, the Schlaff family’s beloved Scottish Terrier.

Losing a pet is losing a family member. In 2013, we had to say goodbye to Little Man (Little Woman’s brother) and it was heartbreaking. I still miss him to this day. I remember someone paid their respects by giving us a framed copy of the story of the Rainbow Bridge, a tale about pets and their people being reunited in the afterlife and crossing “the rainbow bridge” (a pathway between an Earthly life and a Heavenly one) together— the ultimate walk to the park! Despite not being religious, I was very moved by the story and the gesture. Later, I showed my boyfriend the poem  and cried to him about how Thor-throwing-hammerunfair it was that dogs don’t live as long as humans. He attempted to cheer me up by telling me, “It’s ok. Little Man’s not hurting anymore. He’s in Asgard with Thor now.” At the time, Thor: The Dark World was about to debut in theaters, and trailers regularly showed clips of Idris Elba‘s Heimdall guarding the magnificently colored Bifrost Bridge. Through my tears, I smiled.

Little Woman will forever be missed. I couldn’t even get through this article without crying, remembering the adorable and wonderful things she did over the years, before she got sick. But there is a small comfort when I picture her with Little Man, playing fetch with Mjölnir on the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, Little Ones. We love you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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